How to use ratchet straps?

How to use ratchet straps?

Ratchet straps are widely used to fastener and secure cargo during transport. When used correctly, these straps can support many different weights and cargo sizes.

  1. Pull the release catch and open the ratchet.(see figure 1&2) The release catch is located in the center of the top movable piece of the ratchet. Pull up the release catch and flip the ratchet fully open.

2.Thread the strap through the bottom of the ratchet. (see figure 3) The slot at the bottom of the ratchet, known as the “mandrel,” holds the length of the strap. To thread the strap, start from underneath the ratchet and push it up through the mandrel. The threaded strap should then lay straight, the length of it overlapping with the second strap on the other side of the ratchet.

3.Raising and lowering handle.(see figure 4) Pull the handle up and down until the strap tight.

4. Pull down the handle of the ratchet when feel tight. (see figure 5)

 The straps fastener the goods, and protect the goods even fall down from the height.

Remember that you can always tighten it with the ratchet later, so don’t worry too much about the length.

Ratchet straps can’t be used to lift goods, please use the ratchet according to the above structions.