What’s disadvange of rope comparing with ratchet tie down ?

On the highways in China, we generally see that the goods are tied and fixed with ropes on the trucks. Why not use the ratchet tie down like in European and American countries?

Below we discuss disadvantage and advantage of ropes.

Traditionally applied ropes have the following disadvantages:

1. A long rope, artificially forced to add force, and tighten the rope. The tightness is not enough, and it is difficult to fasten, which is very dangerous.

2. Binding the goods with ropes takes a long time and sometimes requires the cooperation of companions.

3. The rope is generally round, and it is a line when it is in contact with the goods, which is easy to damage the goods.

4. The rope has a large elongation rate, and it is difficult to truly fasten the goods during transportation.

Therefore, we often see traffic accidents on highways, such as when braking hard, the cargo breaks through the cab, and the driver is killed on the spot. When the car turns, the rope becomes loose or broken, and the cargo rushes out from the side, smashing the vehicle, or causing the truck to roll over.

There are tens of thousands of such traffic accidents every year, resulting in a large number of casualties and loss of goods. When driving a private car, you must avoid large trucks or stay away from large trucks to reduce the chance of being involved in an accident.

So why Chinese drivers don’t like to use ratchet tie down, the possible reasons are as follows:

1. Don’t know about products of ratchet tie down.

2. The price of the rope is much cheaper than the ratchet tie down, which saves the cost.

3. Not knowing how to operate the ratchet tie down.

4. There is no rigid traffic law in China that requires trucks to use ratchet tie down.

Ratchet tie down is a great good and worth learning to use, such as 5T 0.5+9.5M with hooks is the most commonly used ratchet tie down, although the price is a little more expensive than the rope, but it is absolutely safe, protects the goods, and also ensures the life of the driver.

Reducing the loss of car accidents can be said to be a tool once and for all.

 We hope Chinese drivers will commonly use the ratchet tie down replacing of rope in future.