What are the advantages and disadvantages of soft slings compared to wire rope sling?

What is the advantages and disadvantages of soft slings compared to wire rope sling ?

Both soft slings and wire rope sling are widely used, but they are different in use.

The soft slings have flat slings and round slings. The soft slings are generally made of high-strength polyester.

Its advantage is that it can be used in easy In flammable and explosive environments, it is light in weight, good in flexibility, and easy to bend; the soft sling has high tensile strength, and the tonnage can be easily identified by color.

The disadvantage is that when the load has sharp edges, in order to protect the loads from cuts, can be placed with a protective cover or corner protector. The Carl Stahl soft sling is economical and suitable for use in places that are not frequently used.

The advantages of wire rope slings are wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and not easy to break. Wire rope slings have relatively strong environmental requirements, and are suitable for large loads and high-altitude loads.

The disadvantage of wire rope slings is that it is easy to damage the outer packaging when lifting slightly heavy boxed equipment, mainly because its slight friction during lifting can damage the surface of the object to be lifted. Wire rope sling with too thick specifications are not easy to spread, and cannot be used to lift flammable and explosive area. Wire rope sling is heavy and expensive for large tonnage, so it is suitable for use in places with high frequency of use.

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