Application case of lifting sling, Guozigou Bridge

Guozigou bridge is a famous cable-stayed bridge in Xinjiang, China. It is a super project in China. It is one of the typical cases of lifting sling application.

Guozigou bridge is a high-speed channel in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. It is located on the Guozigou gorge. It is one of the main components of Lianyungang Horgos Expressway (National Highway G30). It is also an important livelihood project in Xinjiang. As the first cable-stayed bridge and the highest bridge in Xinjiang, it is the largest and most important bridge in Xinjiang and the first highway steel truss cable-stayed bridge in China, It integrates new technology, new structure, new technology and new equipment into one, which is a major breakthrough in the history of Xinjiang highway construction. Guozigou bridge has created many miracles of bridge engineering.

The total investment of Guozigou bridge is 2.39 billion yuan. The bridge long 700 meters, and the net height between the bridge deck and the valley bottom is 200 meters. The span of the bridge is 360 meters, and the main tower height is 209 meters and 215.5 meters respectively. The main bridge of the bridge adopts steel truss beam structure and adopts high-strength bolt connection. The installation accuracy is controlled within two millimeters. The cost of one meter is as high as 3.4 million yuan, and the total cost is 2.39 billion yuan. The project was started on August 16, 2006 and opened to traffic on September 30, 2011.

The construction of Guozigou bridge has overcome various difficulties in geography, weather and technology. The diameter of steel wire bundle of stay cable is 7mm and the standard value of tensile strength of steel wire is 1670mpa.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Xinjiang, please drive on the Guozigou bridge to experience the magnificence of the bridge and sigh at the uncanny workmanship of the sling and construction engineers.